Traditional Aikido Training for Adults and Children

Aikido for Adults

The essence of Aikido lies not in fighting others, but by avoiding conflict and subduing aggressors without causing them harm. Practiced by more than a million individuals worldwide, Aikido appeals to women and men, young and old, who seek to better themselves and their world. In Aikido everyone trains together: men and women, flexible or stiff, large and small, veteran and novice. Through this training we learn how to deal with all kinds of people. Our partner becomes our teacher. We try to practice in a vibrant and joyful manner, remembering that Aikido is not simply learning physical technique, it is the "art of living well, in harmony with others and at peace with the world" (O Sensei).

Mixed-level adult classes are offered six days/week (see the Class Schedule).

$100/month entitles members to unlimited scheduled Aikido and Weapons classes. 



Aikido for Children (ages 4 through 12)

Ages 4-8: Children learn Aikido skills and practice basic defensive techniques within a play-based curriculum. Games and exercises teach Aikido principles and body movements in a fun, non- competitive, supportive environment, with afocus on safely rolling, falling, practicing opening movements and cooperative play..

Ages 9-12: Students learn conflict resolution, peace-building and leadership skills through the practice of Aikido. Curriculum emphasis is on partner practice, ukemi (the art of falling), opening movements, nage waza (throwing techniques), katame waza (locking and pinning techniques) and the discipline of budo, or "martial way".

TEEN CLASS: Ages 12-16, with permission of instructor. Practice at a higher level in this advanced class, including some weapons training (bokken/sword and jo/staff), and techniques against a wide range of attacks, such as chokes, strikes, and multiple attackers.

"Sports are widely practiced nowadays, and they are good for physical exercise. Warriors, too, train the body, but they also use the body as a vehicle to train their mind, calm the spirit and find goodness and beauty, dimensions that sports lack. Training in Aikido fosters valor, sincerity, fidelity, magnanimity and beauty, as well as making the body strong and healthy." (O Sensei Morihei Ueshiba, founder of Aikido)

Aikido teaches concepts such as avoiding conflict and developing one's own center. Aikido requires a cooperative spirit, in which we seek to improve ourselves, to "polish our own heart", not to beat others. When faced with aggression we practice tenkan (turning) or irimi (entering), and how to "turn when pushed, and enter when pulled" (Kisshomaru Ueshiba). Students practice together as training partners, taking turns throwing and falling, and experience both sides of win/lose with each technique. Learning ukemi, the "Art of Falling" enables students to practice vigorously in the dojo without fear of injury, and also helps minimize injuries if one falls from a bicycle or while skiing.

Children's Aikido:

  • Develops self-confidence, good judgment and concern for others
  • Builds strong and healthy bodies
  • Improves stamina, balance, flexibility and coordination
  • Increases concentration and alertness, heightens awareness
  • Fosters mutual respect, cooperation and friendship

Robert Hyatt began his Aikido training in San Francisco in 1992. He has traveled to Japan to practice at World Headquarters in Tokyo, and attended seminars throughout the US and in Canada. Robert is a 4th degree Black Belt and Chief Instructor at Tarzana Aikikai. 

Classes for children are offered twice a week. Student membership is $100 per month.

Beginner's Special: Uniform (gi) and one week of classes for $25.



Aikido for Teens

With permission of the Chief Instructor, students ages 12-up are invited to train in adult classes on T/Th 7:30-8:30 pm, Wednesday 7-8 pm,  Friday 12-1 pm (summers) and Saturday and Sunday from 11 am-12 pm. Call the dojo to see if we are currently offering a teens-only class.


Aikido for Women

Women and men train together in Aikido. Emphasis on Aikido as Self-Defense in a safe, supportive environment.

Call to register

Yoga & Massage Therapy

Yoga classes may include seated meditation, asanas (standing poses, forward bends, seated and supine postures, twists, inversions or backbends) and pranayama (breath control). Individualized yoga therapy can focus on healthy backs, headache and stress relief, weight control, increasing energy, healthy pregnancy, restorative poses, building strength and stamina, or improving posture and alignment.

Private and small group yoga classes are available by appointment. Call 818-825-1146 to schedule.

Instructor Nancy Supanich, a Certified Massage Therapist and 2nd dan in Aikido, has studied yoga since 1989 and began incorporating yoga therapy with her massage practice in 1995.  Call 818-825-1146 to schedule a massage or private yoga session. $40/hr for dojo members; $60/hr non-members.

Tai Chi

Learn traditional Yang-style Tai Chi: short form (24-form) and long form (108-form) based on the teaching of Grandmaster Doc Fai Wong. Private and small group instruction is available by appointment on Sunday morning.  Instructor: Nancy Supanich  



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